About Us

`Pop My Cherry` Vintage Boutique

Home to our handpicked vintage clothing, accessories and funky home wares…ethically sourced from around the world, offering a sustainable alternative too fast fashion.

 mens vintage clothing
Mens Vintage

Where it all started…..

Pop My Cherry first showcased at the ‘Clothes Show Live’ in 2010 with our range of printed tights, flamboyant hosiery and vintage Mary Quant clothing. We continued to trade at vintage fairs and festivals around the UK moving seamlessly into everything vintage. Our distinctive logo has been Trade marked.

Designer vintage
Designer Vintage

Not simply limited to fashion……..

We specialise in unique vintage finds for the home along with collectibles and stunning modernist silver jewellery.

In addition to our favourite vintage pieces, we also offer our fabulous reworked cushions made from vintage denim, giving life back to the famous red tag; handmade in the UK, nothing goes to waste and you won’t see the same item twice. 

 Vintage Denim cushions handmade by pop my cherry
Levi’s vintage CushionsLevi’s Chair
1950’s Furniture –